Series of products from NPO "AEG"
May 27, 2020

The primary products of NPO "AEG" are the airsoft replicas of such famous Russian special weapons as VSS "Vintorez" and AS "VAL". NPO "AEG" started our work with the production of these products, and they are the face of the our company.

For all history of manufacture 4 series of these products were released: 12th, 14th, 17th and finally, the final 20th.

A series number is assigned according to the year in which the changes were implemented.

Perhaps the reader has a question: "Why do these series exist at all? Why can't be done right the first time?". This question is dropped as soon as you compare the dimensions of the 3rd gearbox with the original dimensions of the VSS or AS.

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What can the VSS-M by NPO "AEG" be?
May 27, 2020

NPO "AEG" often received requests from their customers to change the appearance of a particular product. More often than not, these requests concerned ergonomic changes or increased tactical capabilities.

At the same time, most of these changes are also reflected in the combat samples. The most widespread ones are:

  • telescopic buttstock mounting;
  • replacement of the standard pistol grip;
  • mounting of additional rails, for attachments.

Original VSS-M carbines

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Gearbox version 3 for airsoft guns manufactured by NPO "AEG"
Nov 29, 2019

The majority of products manufactured by NPO "AEG" are equipped with a special gearbox of the third version. This gearbox is made by special order of NPO "AEG" company. This gearbox provides initial speed of a ball up to 500 FPS. Engineers of NPO "AEG" have picked up components which provide longlive and reliable work with powerful springs.

This gearbox allows for a quick spring change. This may be necessary in case the rules of the game impose a limit on the power of airsoft weapons.

Below we have collected for you the main features of gearbox from NGO "AEG":

  • The shell of the gearbox with the ability to quickly change the spring
  • A reinforced switch assemblyli
  • Piston with full steel teeth
  • Aluminium piston head
  • Aluminium cylinder head
  • Aluminium nozzle
  • Bevel Gears 100:200 with tappetplate delay
  • Steel spring guide
  • Spring M140
  • High-torque motor

All these components allow a standard NPO "AEG" product to show the initial ball velocity up to 525 FPS (with 0.2 gr. BBs) during the initial firing.

Unique quick detachable silencer system
Nov 20, 2019

Dear friends, NPO "AEG" is proud of its unique removable silencer system. This system transforms models of silencers for airsoft weapons from beautiful accessories into functional devices. Installation of a silencer of such a system allows to increase the initial speed of the ball flight. This system is used on Airsoft copies of SR-3M, SR-3M "Karden" and SR-3 "Vikhr" assault rifles. Without a silencer these assault rifles have an initial ball speed of 425 FPS (1.67 Joules). Installation of the silencer provides an increase in the initial velocity up to 485 FPS (2.17 Joules)

This is ensured by the unique connect inner barrel system. Inner barrels for this system are manufactured to the special order of NPO "AEG".

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Original phosphate varnish for weapon
Nov 20, 2019

In cooperation with one of the defense companies of the Urals, NPO "AEG" company was able to apply an original coating, the so-called phosphate varnish, to its products. This type of coating is used for all types of small arms manufactured in Russia since 1954.

Despite the fact that this coating is less resistant than powder coating, it has a number of unique properties. The thinnest layer provides reliable work of all knots of a product. At operation the covering wears out in "correct" places. Beautiful appearance, provides 100% similarity to the original.