Gearbox version 3 for airsoft guns manufactured by NPO "AEG"
Nov 29, 2019

The majority of products manufactured by NPO "AEG" are equipped with a special gearbox of the third version. This gearbox is made by special order of NPO "AEG" company. This gearbox provides initial speed of a ball up to 500 FPS. Engineers of NPO "AEG" have picked up components which provide longlive and reliable work with powerful springs.

This gearbox allows for a quick spring change. This may be necessary in case the rules of the game impose a limit on the power of airsoft weapons.

Below we have collected for you the main features of gearbox from NGO "AEG":

  • The shell of the gearbox with the ability to quickly change the spring
  • A reinforced switch assemblyli
  • Piston with full steel teeth
  • Aluminium piston head
  • Aluminium cylinder head
  • Aluminium nozzle
  • Bevel Gears 100:200 with tappetplate delay
  • Steel spring guide
  • Spring M140
  • High-torque motor

All these components allow a standard NPO "AEG" product to show the initial ball velocity up to 525 FPS (with 0.2 gr. BBs) during the initial firing.