SR-2M by NPO "AEG"
Nov 15, 2019

Dear friends, NPO «AEG» is pleased to announce the start of production of airsoft copies of the unique Russian submachine gun SR-2M «Veresk».

A little about the original:

SR-2 "Veresk" was developed under the 9x21 mm cartridge in 1999 at the Klimovsky TsNIItochmash, to defeat enemy manpower in close combat. It was assumed that the enemy could use armor using individual means of protection. The main advantage of the SR-2 is its high firepower, high accuracy of fire and the damaging effect of a bullet at close range. This weapon is widely used in the Russian divisions of the anti-terror, the FSB, the FSO, the Russian Guard.

The history of the creation by us of the Airsoft copy of the SR-2M, as well as certain design decisions, in our opinion, deserve a separate article, which we will publish later. Let's just say that on a long journey of choice, we stopped at the AEP gearbox, which has undergone major modifications, so the product with basic components shows an actual result of 70-74 m/sec. Like the original, the product was created by us for use at short distances. This is either an imitation of the actions of the assault units or a game on indoor sites. Therefore, the actual aiming range allows you to complete the tasks.

Airsoft copy SR-2M, like the original, has a folding shoulder stamped upward, a folding tactical handle and a bar on the cover for attaching various types of mounts.

For the original, the rail is intended for mounting only specially designed sights (SR-2, SR-2M). On our product, you can install picatinny standard devices on the rail without using an adapter (like the SR-2M), while its appearance remains authentic.

The gearbox of the product is powered by a Li-Po battery with the recommended dimensions: 102x12x19 mm, equipped with a “T” connector. This is a battery with characteristics of 1000 mAh / 7.4 V.Thanks to the use of such a battery, the SR-2M has a decent rate of fire and sufficient capacity. The battery is located under the hinged cover of the receiver. Ammunition is supplied from a steel box magazine, model 30 rounds (long), which holds up to 90 balls.

In accordance with the original, for the SR-2M we developed a number of tactical body kits:

  • silencer
  • picatinny rail on the handguard
  • trunk nozzle with rails

It is also possible to order the product packed in a special plastic case.

We hope this product will appeal to all fans of airsoft and, in particular, to fans of Russian special weapons.