Unique quick detachable silencer system
Nov 20, 2019

Dear friends, NPO "AEG" is proud of its unique removable silencer system. This system transforms models of silencers for airsoft weapons from beautiful accessories into functional devices. Installation of a silencer of such a system allows to increase the initial speed of the ball flight. This system is used on Airsoft copies of SR-3M, SR-3M "Karden" and SR-3 "Vikhr" assault rifles. Without a silencer these assault rifles have an initial ball speed of 425 FPS (1.67 Joules). Installation of the silencer provides an increase in the initial velocity up to 485 FPS (2.17 Joules)

This is ensured by the unique connect inner barrel system. Inner barrels for this system are manufactured to the special order of NPO "AEG".

In addition to the fact that the new barrel is made of steel and has an inner diameter of 6.02 mm, it also has an element of connection between the two halves. This element makes it possible to join the barrel parts almost perfectly, except for its backlash and distortions. This allows for a significant reduction of compression losses at the docking, as well as increasing the density of combat.

Preliminary results of the shooting showed good accuracy: 31 cm horizontally and 32 cm vertically. The shots were fired while standing, from shoulder. All shots were fired in a long burst of 60 rounds from a distance of 35 meters.

This quick detachable silencer system allows for efficient use of assault rifles at different distances and in different conditions on your fields.