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Airsoft replica of the Russian compact assault rifle 9A-91 with silencer removed. Removal of the silencer provides a significant reduction in the length of the weapon (only 390 mm) while maintaining an authentic look. Reducing the overall size of the rifle allows for more convenient use of the rifle for CQB combat.

About the original

Original the 9A-91 is a compact assault rifle currently in use with Russian police forces. Designed by the Tula Instrument Engineering Design Bureau in 1992 as a more technologically advanced analogue (and competitor) of the SR-3 "Vikhr" automatic rifle. In 1994 the production began, and in 1995 the automatic rifle was modernized. Designed for use against manpower, including flak jackets, as well as unarmed military equipment. It is an ideal assault rifle in the city due to its small size, weight and anti-ballistic properties.

The fire selector allows for semi- and full-automatic fire. The flip-up rear sight has settings for 100 and 200 meters range, but the relatively short sight base and steep trajectory of the subsonic bullet effectively restricts the 9A-91 to ranges of about 100 meters.


  • Length, stock is folded/unfolded: 390/615 mm.
  • Weight: 2 kg.
  • Power Type: AEG
  • Fire mode: semi/full-auto
  • Muzzle velocity: Approx. 416 FPS with 0.2 g BBs
  • Power: 1.61 Joules. ⚠ The maximum possible power value is indicated. The power level can be changed to suit your requirements. This is specified during the order confirmation process
  • Magazine type/capacity: mid-cap magazine / 70 balls
  • Recommended battery Type and Size (not included): Li-Po, 950 mAh/7,4 V. The battery is placed in handguard. Size of battery not more 75×25×15 mm. The battery must be equipped with a connector type "Т"


Internal components:

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Manufacturer: NPO "AEG", Russia.
Page on the manufacturer’s website: 9A-91

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