About the product

Airsoft replica of the Russian special automatic rifle AS "VAL".

Original mechanical sights. The type of dovetail rail allows the use of originals sights designed for this assault rifle (like PSO-1). At the same time, the distance from the top cover of the body to the sight will be the same as the original one.

Folding buttstock exactly copying all forms of the original. Convenient buttstock folding button identical to the original.

The ability to quickly adjust hop-up through the shutter cover. You don't need any tools to do that.

The battery is installed in a mock silencer. The silencer can be easily removed without the use of any tools.

The weight and balance of this product are close to the original.

All these features make this copy of the assault rifle as similar to the original as possible. When you hold this weapon in your hands you feel like a real Russian special forces soldier!

About the original

The original AS "Val" was developed in 1987 by TsNIITochMash. The lead designer of the rifle is Pyotr Serdyukov. One of the features of AS is the presence of integrated suppressor. The use of a subsonic cartridge makes this assault rifle truly quiet.

Since 1987, it was added to the arsenal of the Soviet Army and the KGB and is used by Russian Spetsnaz special forces and the MVD, FSB, OMON, SOBR, GRU, and select units of the Russian Army.

The AS Val proved to be very effective and remain in service with elements of the Russian army and special forces and Moscow’s intelligence and security forces.


  • The highest level of copying
  • Light and well balanced
  • Dimensions as close as possible to the original (PSO-1 scope can be attached without any problem)
  • Full metal body
  • Quickly hop-up adjust
  • Folding metal buttstock


  • Length, stock is folded/unfolded: 650/900 mm.
  • Weight: 2.9 kg.
  • Power Type: AEG
  • Fire mode: semi/full-auto
  • Muzzle velocity: Approx. 485 FPS with 0.2 g BBs
  • Power: 2.17 Joules. ⚠ The maximum possible power value is indicated. The power level can be changed to suit your requirements. This is specified during the order confirmation process
  • Magazine type/capacity: mid-cap magazine / 75 BBs
  • Recommended battery type and size (not included): Li-Po, 1400 mAh/11.1 V. Battery consists of three parts. The battery is placed in silencer. Size of one part of battery not more 130×20×7 mm. The battery must be equipped with a connector type "Т"


Internal components:

Package Includes:

Additionally, you can install (not included):

Delivery is included in the price of goods
Manufacturer: NPO "AEG", Russia.
Page on the manufacturer’s website: AS "VAL"

$ 634.00