Mid-cap magazine "AK 5.45" based on the original, 120RD (MU)


NPO "AEG" represents to you mid-cap airsoft magazine 120rds for AK5,45 made of "original AK". What does this mean? Engineers from NPO "AEG" took a magazine original Kalashnikov AK74 of 5.45×39 caliber and put in it an insert for balls 6mm. Now this magazine can be used in airsoft. For airsoft AK it can not be better. Steel hooks, strong body, Russian markings.

About "MU"

AK magazines with the abbreviation "MU" denote "military use". These are mid cap magazines (with spring operator) assembled on the basis of original AK magazines, which were charge-off from the Russian Federation armed forces.

A distinctive feature of these magazines are numerous scratches and abrasions, as well as unique inscriptions in Russian left by the soldiers who served in the Russian army and were spend of time for their "decoration". Most often it is a place of service and a year, the name of the owner, favorite music bands. Shops of series "MU" are unique and identical do not exist.

At will of the customer we can give photos of magazines of this series available in a warehouse and to give deciphering of all inscriptions.

The given magazine will perfectly underline individuality of your air gun and will give to it unique original view.


  • Made from original magazine AK5.45×39
  • The original bottom and button
  • Strong spring
  • The insert is collapsible, made of thick plastic
  • Inside insert for airsoft ball 6mm produced NPO "AEG"
  • Several colors: black, brown or bakelite


  • Capacity: 120 BBs
  • Weight: 0.23 kg
  • Mechanism of operation: spring operator
  • Color: black, brown or bakelite


  • Body: original plastic or bakelite
  • Insert: plastic


  • Compatible with airsoft copies of weapons by CYMA, LCT, G&G and other.

Free delivery in case of purchase of two more any magazines or any other goods
Manufacturer: NPO "AEG", Russia.
Page on the manufacturer’s website: Mechanical magazine AK 5,45 based on the original

$ 31.00