Lightweight mock silencer model for airsoft replica of the russian special small assault rifle SR-3 "Vikhr" by NPO "AEG". This silencer is made of D16T dural, so it has a very low weight of only 230 grams.

This mock silencer is not only an accessory that changes the appearance of the weapon, but also has additional functions! The connected silencer allows to increase the initial ball speed from 425 FPS to 485 FPS. This is provided by the unique quick detachable silencer system.

Important notice: The silencer comes complete with inner barrel with link-up interface. One part of the inner barrel is installed instead of the standard "Vikhr", the other part is installed in the silencer. This system ensures the use of the product both with and without silencer (as with SR-3M). Thus, this silencer allows to increase the initial speed of the ball up to 460-490 FPS with 0.2 g BBs (2.09 Joules).


  • Very lightweight
  • Allows you to increase the power of your airsoft rifle SR-3 "Vikhr"
  • Quick installation and removal of the silencer


  • Length: 250 mm.
  • Weight: 0.23 kg.
  • Muzzle velocity with silencer: Approx. 485 FPS with 0.2 g BBs
  • Power with silencer: 2.16 Joules
  • Weight SR-3 "Vikhr" with silencer: 2.2 kg.


  • Silencer: duralumin D16T
  • Inner barrel: steel

Package Includes:

  • Silencer model with inner barrel
  • Inner barrel


Delivery is included in the price of goods
Manufacturer: NPO "AEG", Russia.
Page on the manufacturer’s website: Lightweight mock silencer for airsoft replica SR-3 "Vikhr"

$ 149.00