About the product

This product differs from the original SR-3M airsoft replica by the installed dural handguard. This handguard is made in the image of a handguard made specially for an employee of one of the special divisions known as "KardeN". He uses this handguard on his assault rifle. That is why the product bears this name. Like its combat analogue, the handguard is milled from D16T dural.

The handguard has 4 Picatinny rails, which are located at the top and bottom (long), as well as on the sides (short). The handguard has a removable bottom, the installation of which involves removing the standard tactical handle. But the handguard can be used without it.

All other features of the airsoft copy SR-3M saved.

About the original

The abbreviation "SR" stands for spetsialnaya razrabotka — special development. After the adoption of SR-3 "Vikhr", the FSB established new operational requirements with a goal to combine the qualities of the SR-3, AS "Val" and VSS "Vintorez", resulting in a new variant designated SR-3M. It features a quick detachable silencer and a redesigned handguard with a collapsible foregrip. The iron sights have also been relocated to the upper front handguard as opposed to being located on the silencer, apparently for when the gun is used without the silencer attached. For this weapon a larger 30-round magazine was developed, which can be used also by the AS "Val" and the VSS "Vintorez".

It was primarily used by Special Operations Forces and certain government officials' security details.


  • The highest level of copying
  • Light and well balanced
  • The mock silencer with unique quick detachable system included
  • Dimensions as close as possible to the original (PSO-1 scope can be attached without any problem)
  • Folding metal stock
  • Full metal body
  • Functional handguard from duralumin


  • Length without silencer, stock is folded/unfolded: 445/690 mm.
  • Length with silencer, stock is folded/unfolded: 700/950 mm.
  • Weight with silencer: 3.6 kg.
  • Weight silencer: 0.3 kg.
  • Power Type: AEG
  • Fire mode: semi/full-auto
  • Muzzle velocity (without silencer): Approx. 425 FPS with 0.2 g BBs
  • Muzzle velocity (with silencer): Approx. 485 FPS with 0.2 g BBs
  • Power (without silencer): 1.67 Joules
  • Power (with silencer): 2.17 Joules. ⚠ The maximum possible power value is indicated. The power level can be changed to suit your requirements. This is specified during the order confirmation process
  • Magazine type, capacity: mid-cap magazine, 125 BBs
  • Recommended battery Type and Size (not included): Li-Po, 1400 mAh/11.1 V. Battery consists of three parts. The battery is placed in handguard. Max size of one part of battery not more 130×20×7 mm. The battery must be equipped with a connector type "Т"


Internal components:

Package Includes:

  • SR-3M "Karden"
  • Quick detachable mock silencer
  • One mid-cap magazine
  • Manual
  • Certified copy of certificate

Additionally, you can install (not included):

Delivery is included in the price of goods
Manufacturer: NPO "AEG", Russia.
Page on the manufacturer’s website: Airsoft replica SR-3M

$ 705.00